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To do in Tohmajärvi: 

  • You can go horse riding (Hiidensuo stable) or swim at Unelmien Uimaranta

  • For fishermen, Jänisjoki offers dozens of rapids and currents. Resting areas have been built in the riverscapes, which are used by all nature walkers.

  • There are several routes of different lengths for hiking, cycling (Karealian Routes) or, for example, kayaking.

  • Look for birds, because Tohmajärvi and especially Värtsilä is widely known among bird watchers.


To do in Kitee:

  • You can play golf

  • Get to know the legendary band Nightwish at the Nightwish exhibition and attend their concert on 16.6.2023

  • There are several routes of different lengths for hiking, cycling or, for example, kayaking.


From us, you can easily take self-guided day trips to, for example, Joensuu, Koli national landscapes, Ilomantsi, Punkaharju, Savonlinna, Kerimäki and even Russian Karelia (Sortavala). One interesting destination is the Nightwish museum in Kitee! Riitta, the hostess of Itärajan Helmi, knows the region like the back of her hand and is happy to share additional tips!

If you want to spend the day in Itärajan Helmi, for example on your own going to the beach, sauna, swimming, rowing, grilling, you can order a lunch basket with you (€15/person).

If you are coming by train, Kitee train station is the closest one and the hostess Riitta will arrange a pick-up from the station, as well as transport to the station after your vacation is over.