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Itärajan Helmi

The pure and partly untouched nature of North Karelia, the fresh native Finnish fragrant birch forest with its' various sounds combined with beautiful forested hill landscapes invite you to relax in Tohmajärvi, at Itärajan Helmi, hosted by Riitta Okkonen, where Riitta has brought to life the log house and its' courtyard & garden, hand-carved by her grandfather in the 1940s, to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a simple life without forgetting the traditional local delicacies served with Karelian hospitality.

Did you know that wheter you stay in the cabin, Tensile or Glamour tent your price includes:

  • Overnight stay

  • Bedding

  • Towels

  • Morning and evening sauna

  • Hot tub besides the outdoor sauna

  • Swimming in Lake Tohmajärvi (own beach) and beach sauna

  • A rich and healthy breakfast

Riitta, the hostess of Itärajan Helmi, is known for her self-baked bread rolls, cakes and other delicacies.

The hostess prepares all the food herself, using vegetables and herbs from her own vegetable garden and berries from her own forest as raw materials. She gets the meat from local producers.

The hostess cooks simple, tasty and mouth-watering food with Karelian hospitality!