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This gift card is perfect for two persons for a one-night stay at Itärajan Helmi, either in the cabins (excluding the Old Cabin) or in the Glamour Tent. The gift card can also be used for a stay in a Tentsile, provided that you select enough gift cards to cover the cost.

If you want to order a gift card for multiple nights or for two people, please adjust the quantity accordingly.


After purchasing the gift card, you will receive a payment confirmation message and a separate message titled "Arvokortti" containing the automatically generated QR code (as well as the code in number/letter format) and other details.

The recipient of the gift card can use the QR code (or number/letter format) to book accommodation from our online store. The code is entered in the "Use code" section of the order page and the prices will be updated accordingly.

A gift card is always a wonderful gift idea!